Laia Estruch



My work falls within the field of performance. In terms of design and creation, it draws on sculptural concepts to create live ephemeral sculptures in which my body plays the starring role, either through voice or movement. The recent pieces have all been produced in collaboration with other creators – photographers, graphic designers, sound engineers and musicians – who have all enriched the projects enormously.

The latest work follows the same, almost unvarying structure: a beginning based on a concept, anecdote, physical item, object, tune, etc that serves as a starting point to tell a story or text, which I then use in turn as material to work on through my voice and body in public before a live audience. I present my work in much the same way: an artwork or musical piece to announce the performance, the live performance, and a final object, which is usually a sound or text publication in book, CD or vinyl format containing all the documentation created over the course of the work process and the performance itself – the live part of the project that is made public through the artist’s body.



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