Project - Performance


No és possible el que visc
“What I’m Going Through is not Possible”

A piece structured on this occasion around the catalan singer-songwriter Quico Pi de la Serra.
The video, which in The project No és possible el que visc took an incident as the main, structural element. I decided that my project would revolve around a coincidence: my name is Laia Estruch, I began a period as visual artist in residence at the NauEstruch in Sabadell, and on the day of the interview, the curator asked me if I was familiar with Quico Pi de la Serra’s song in which the surname Estruch appears. The project was based on that incident. I put together an account of the adventures and chance occurrences that I have experienced while pursuing the goal I had set myself: finding an appropriate way to get in touch with Quico Pi de la Serra to ask him if he would please tell me the name of the song featuring the surname Estruch and the story behind it.
The final document of the project is the video recording of a talk I gave at home to an audience –my parents and three friends– in which I recount this story. I was unable to contact Quico Pi de la Serra in person, but I found the LP that has the song with the surname Estruch on it, which was also presented as a piece in the project. The title of the LP is “No és possible el que visc”.