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Jingle. A short, catchy tune, usually written
to accompany a radio or television commercial.

JINGLE is a performance proposal by Laia Estruch. The project starts on an adaptation of one of her earlier works, The Announcement, a song. In this performance, she used a tune adding lyrics to convene the audience.
We are used to communications about art projects taking the form of postcards, but in The Announcement, a song Estruch turns the usual custom on its head. In it, the artist replaced the ” printed word” for the ” sung word”.

Estruch herself sang the jingle, causing an immediate effect on all those that heard her. Unconsciously, for days, they sang her opening lines: ” Hello Everyone. My name is Laia Estruch, and I would like to announce…” . As a result, in the manner of viral marketing, her ” Hello Everyone..” became a veritable statement for her work.

On the other hand, Estruch has led her to seek structures that enable her to make mere anecdotes public. These are things that are, generally, of little interest, but which she turns into the main focus of her work. The idea of putting a discourse to music, narrating an art project and turning it into a “singing lecture” was present in her ways of doing.

In JINGLE she makes this desire a reality through an experimental approach: the work, closed in on itself like a Russian doll, is gradually stripped off before the spectator.

Her project for Espa Cub uses the 27-cubic-metre volume of these space asa a stage in which to amplify and modulate, not a sound but a whole working process. We should mention, also, that, unlike her earlier projects, in JINGLE  the artist adopts an organic working method. Firstly, she enlists the cooperation of Xavi LLoses ( musical arranger and producer) with whom she works on the sound part, creating and adapting scores to turn them into jingle and, secondly, she works with the other professionals who help her to bring this creative process to fruition.

The (re)presentation of the sound itinerary taken by JINGLE explains the process behind its construction trhough three Shows -beginning, crisis and denouement- and a final, closing event- at which the JINGLE will be presented on a vinyl disc. The “jingle cell” is a reflection on the characteristics of the work itself, and the artist’s own harmonious voice turns all its conceptual content into sensual sound effect.

Show 1: Thursday April 14
Show 2: Thurday April 28
Show 3: Thursday May 12
Closure: Thursday May 26

Produced by: La Capella, BCN Producció’11

In cooperationwith Xavi Lloses (composition, arrangements and sound design work) Ariadna Serrahima (workof typography and graphic design of JINGLE) Carla Tramullas (photography), Josephine Grundy (voiceover work and English translations), Ariadna Estalella (stage movement work), El Delgado Buil (Costume).