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“Moat” (2016 – 2017) is a scenic experimental practice that is shaped in three different types of playground structures that are activated through an exploration related with words, voice, melody and the body. These playgrounds functions as passable scores, scenes and instruments.

Moat, arose from the need of opening new research lines related to the body movement in relation to the voice and the word in order to explore and force its behaviours and gestures in the playground architectures of the beginning of the 20th century.
For the performative activation of the Moat series, Estruch uses two structures, one made of iron and one made of inflatable plastic, that work as scenes, scores, instruments, and archives. These scenic sets are created through the recovery of different elements and typological forms of the playgrounds from the beginning of the past century.
Through a direct relation between body and structure, Moat wants to experiment, to fix the sounds and routes generated by the body and the voice taking the corporal and acoustic behaviours of the aforementioned playgrounds as a reference.
Moat becomes a transversal space through the realization of a series of performances, whose sound recording results in an audible research within the walkable iron and plastic structures.
During a two-year research period, Estruch worked together with the musician and music producer Xavi Lloses in a music album edition, which contains the sound documentation of the scenic creation process in a song format.